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For those about to rock - a little about me.

My name is Jacob Bredahl, born in 1978, and I run the Dead Rat Studio.
The old studio, called Smart´n´Hard, was up and running with me for around 6 years.
But I had to move on, and get a new place to work. And now I have my own place which rocks my world.

What I do and do like:
I produce
I record
I engineer
I mix
I master
and I even rent out the place to other technicians and producers when they need a proper recording room.

I like live recordings in the studio with full band - the recording room is great for that.
But in general I like to record good music in one way or another.

What I don´t do and don´t like:
Beat Detective and Auto Tune. I hate it. I never used it and never will.
And I am no fan of copy/paste music either.
Music should be played by human beings - not computers. I use my Pro Tools - I don´t abuse it.

I did:
Everything from Rock to Metal. From Psychobilly to Death Metal to Hardcore and Black Metal, Punkrock, Oi! and Ska - and some things in between.

I do:
Try to make the band sound like the band - not like the studio.

I started out playing music when I was 13 with Rock music in the bag, but moved towards more extreme music - had my first Death Metal band at age 14 in the small town where I grew up.
I moved to Århus and played with different bands, and then I started to get into the recording and producing side of things.
In the beginning I did recordings in rehearsel rooms with friends of mine.
Just poor recordings on a 8 track recorder, but I was lucky to record some good bands.
For a while I worked in Borsing Recording, but soon started the Smart´n´Hard with friends of mine.
Now it´s a new era at the Dead Rat Studio.

I am still active as a musician in The Kandidate and Last Mile, and still do tours and shows, but recording, producing and mixing is my main thing now.
Lots of my experience comes from having played more than 500 live shows, mainly as vocalist in Hatesphere and guitar slinger in Barcode and Last Mile.

Call or mail for prices and dates.
+45 22537166